Sean connery catherine zeta jones dating

The opening that September of the third 007 movie, Goldfinger, had eclipsed even the success of the previous Bond blockbusters.

But its star, Sean Connery suddenly the biggest film actor in the world, was a man in turmoil.

Dismayed at being typecast as the token pretty girl in British films, Zeta-Jones relocated to Los Angeles.

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Stud: Sean Connery with co-star Daniela Bianchi in Bond's From Russia with Love His book, The Divided Self, had become a bestseller, but it was his highly controversial methods that were attracting most notoriety.

Unable to cope with being thrust into superstardom, Connery had become a prisoner at his home, a converted London nunnery.

Violence: Ex-wife Diane Cliento claims Connery was a violent husband Day and night, it was encircled by a baying mob of female fans, who thought nothing of climbing in through windows in the hope of getting close to their pin-up, or burgling the house when he was away to steal mementoes of the screen secret agent.

Leslie, 37, has since said: "I don't think I had been in love before I met Catherine and I haven't really been in love since we split.

We'll always be mates." Miss Zeta- Jones then embarked on a romance with Soldier, Soldier star Angus Mc Fadyen, 34, but they ended their two-year relationship shortly after getting engaged.

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