Rules for dating a photographer

"I'd been to hundreds of concerts you know but I never felt so at ease getting up and dancing and enjoying myself. And that was it." Jennings would go on to attend and photograph around 150 Grateful Dead concerts, she estimates now.

After graduating from Alabama in 1989, she moved to Philadelphia to manage a photography company.

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There is much more to successfully dating old photographs than just looking at the subjects and guessing the approximate age based on their clothing styles.

We provide a great deal of information of value in learning to identify and date old photographs, and have even more information and resources available for subscribers.

This part of the site is continuously developing, as we complete new research and find new information.

This ongoing study is the first large-scale investigation into dating old photographs since William C Darrah's groundbreaking research into CDVs, published in 1981.

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Our Community Guidelines are the policies that outline what is acceptable on Meetup and what is not.The Dead were scheduled to come back to Pittsburgh soon.But at another of the band's shows she'd attended after that first one, security had made Jennings take her camera back to her car, even though tickets for that concert indicated cameras and recording equipment were allowed inside, she says.She and the three friends she was with each took a piece of her camera and hid the pieces inside a pants leg or elsewhere on their person. Jennings' Canon into Pittsburgh's Civic Arena for a concert by The Grateful Dead, so she could photograph the famed San Francisco improvisational rock band. Jennings, then a University of Alabama student, had shot plenty of bands in Tuscaloosa, including college radio stars R. Coming up on 30 years since her first Dead show, on a recent muggy afternoon Jennings is seated on a comfy chair in her South Huntsville home. This was her first time shooting The Grateful Dead though. She had started listening to The Dead's music because the guy who lived next door to her in Tuscaloosa was into them "and I was totally into him, so I sent away for tickets and invited him to the show," she recalls now.

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