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Aswani doesn’t ask, and thus proves to be one of the most deserving. Nobody cares about endless wanking in the name of shred if the song is crap, and that’s why Aswani has risen to the level of short-list greatness. At times, I feel like the songs were written around a vocal arrangement and then Aswani said screw it, and replaced the vocal line with his guitar.

Here is a player who writes superbly crafted instrumental songs. This is a good thing: it speaks to his songwriting style and sense of melody.

While deftly handling guitar duties, he is joined by Incubus drummer Jose Pasillas, and bassist Gabe Rosales on all tracks, plus a guest appearance by guitarist Jeff Kollman on the song, "Left of Center."From the opening blues-inspired guitar of “Your Call,” which then morphs into an Eric Johnson-esque melody, you’ll be drawn to this album.

Boyd's opening lines -- "I dig my toes into the sand/The ocean looks like a thousand diamonds strewn across a blue blanket/I lean against the wind/Pretend that I am weightless/And in this moment I am happy" -- longingly and effectively evokes a timeless moment.

Watch the video below: will be available from the 21 April 2017, and can be pre-ordered and purchased via i Tunes.

Incubus have told us they’ll be returning to the UK in 2018.

Produced by Prashant Aswani All Songs Written and Arranged by Prashant Aswani Engineered by Prashant Aswani Mixed by Prashant Aswani and John Cranfield Mastered by Paul Logus Drums Recorded by Lee Bench and Prashant Aswani Director of art and Graphic design - Jose Pasillas IIPhotography by Michael Muller Although Prashant Aswani’s name isn’t as well known as other top instrumentalists like Satch, Vai, and Johnson, it very well should be, since he’s a player and songwriter of the same caliber. A few tracks later you’ll hear some cool vintage flanger effects on “Brain Burn,” and then wonder why you’re just first discovering Aswani.

Along with the other maestro who belongs in your CD collection, Andy Timmons, Aswani stands leaps and bounds above the long list of “wanker-shredders” who each indignantly ask why they haven’t achieved superstar recognition for their playing. Aswani’s lead style is extremely fluid and melodic.

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