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Anyway, I’m eager to catch up on what I’ve missed, so expect a flurry of Arashi stuff as the spring season concludes. Do you suppose she looks a bit nervous about this plan? that’s the situation in this time because Matsumoto Jun-kun was on to promote his new drama Shitsuren Chocolatier.

The guest for this episode was Ishihara Satomi-san, who has primarily worked with Matsumoto Jun-kun among the Arashi members. Actually, she looked nerve-wracked right from the start with a strained smile. And after Ishihara-san explained her expectations for the date – that it should be a romantic date in a pretty place, and something appropriate for their age (not something high schoolers or even college students would do) – it was Ohno-san’s turn to be dismayed. It’s an out-and-out romance, so I’m going to pass on reviewing it.

Hi Satomi (greeting from Equator archipelago country), you are truly kawaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii....

your acting in 'heartbroken chocolatier' and 'dear sister' make me want to protecting, caring, and pampering you.

7 episodes in and still no kiss, no real admission of feelings or even a wrist grab but we confess to being completely obsessed and utterly in love with this couple.

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Continue reading VS Arashi (VS 嵐) is a game show hosted by the idol group Arashi, who compete against a different team of actors or comedians every week.You know that spark, you always hope to witness in your OTP – they have it.Their chemistry is so lovely to watch because it screams so much promise.We are more than happy to see this OTP move slowly because watching them work out their feelings for each other and then act on them is pure drama heaven for us. She is outrageously smart but not in that freaky/ geeky way that dramas like to overuse.She’s thoughtful, opinionated and thankfully isn’t a weak submissive leading lady that has to get a backbone as well as win her OTP.

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