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" "5 Big Lies About Sex," "10 Ways to Practice Purity," "I Wish I Had Waited," and "Can You Become a Virgin Again? Well, we wanted to know what Christian students are saying about abstinence and sexual purity.

" Ever wonder what other Christians think about sex? What we found were some misconceptions and unclear boundaries. Tim's a Christian who believes wholeheartedly in abstinence.

I recently heard through mutual friends about a young woman who had met a man recently and pursued him to the point where she had become a nuisance; and as time went on possibly a stalker. As far as I could reconstruct the situation, this is what happened: Sybil (I will call her) met this young man (Richard) at a party. In fact, they made arrangements to go together to an outdoor concert.

Although the date went well, she thought, Richard did not call her again. He seemed friendly but did not suggest that they go out together a second time.

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For more information on this topic, check out "What's Wrong with Sex Before Marriage?If you are externally following “the rules,” but you are lusting after your girlfriend or boyfriend in your mind, your heart is not pure before God.There is a difference between desiring your sweetheart and lusting after him or her. ” Revisiting the question now years after marriage, there is something that is now quite obvious to me…It is obvious that my heart was not in the right place back then.

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