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Arts Law Information Sheet Making films on a smartphone or using surveillance and listening devices raises important issues such as consent and privacy.

This information sheet discusses what artists or arts organisations need to know when planning to film with a smartphone or hidden camera.

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Though the legislation is slightly different in each state and territory, the best practice for film makers who record or capture peoples’ conversations on film and/or to use such footage in their film is to get the explicit consent of anyone whose conversation they record.

Also aired in the shocking report, dozens of former members said bizarre sexual rituals were carried out in secret by Mr Williams, who had been given authorisation by God to sidestep biblical commands against homosexuality and train his male member to be sexually obedient.

'The ones who allege they were abused by Scott Williams...

Self-styled guru Pastor Scott Williams allegedly used his warped brand of evangelical Pentecostalism to run a secret homosexual sex ring while misusing huge amounts of member donations for his own personal use.

Emily Wassmann's involvement in the Christian Assemblies International (CAI) was predetermined before her birth, as her parents were both members of the 'church', and she described her childhood as a series of terrifying, confusing and lonely circumstances.

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